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Is that text worth a life? ‘Stay Focused’ behind the wheel.

What’s the value of another person’s life to you? What value should other people put on your life or the life of your loved ones?

Is the next text message you write or read while you should be focused on driving worth someone’s life? How about that makeup you’re planning to apply while you’re driving to work this morning? How about that cell phone call you just have to make while driving your friends to school tomorrow?

Put that way, I’m sure you’d say no text or phone call is worth a life.

Yet, each day seems to bring tragic reports of another car crash caused by a driver who failed to act responsibly while driving – and the innocent victims who paid the price for unsafe driving. It only takes a moment of distracted driving to cause a tragedy.

Here’s the message: Just Drive. Stay Focused.

Studies show 80% of motor vehicle crashes are a direct result of driver inattention. Motor vehicle crashes remain the leading cause of death and long term disability, including brain and spinal cord injuries for ages 1 - 44, and the number one killer for ages 15 - 21.

Take a moment today to review a free guide called “Distracted Driving Shatters Lives” courtesy of DOT.

Just don’t do it while you’re driving.


Please enjoy a special slide show created to honor the Court's 50 year history as well as the people who made City Court of Slidell a place of service to our community.